How to claim your TEFL/TESOL certificate & accreditation
Step 1
1. Go to International Open Academy
2. Select the Monthly option, add the product to the cart and go to checkout
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Step 2
1. Create a new account during the checkout process.
2. Apply the following discount code to receive the 100% discount on the plan's first month: TUTORJOB
Step 3
You can begin your learning adventure right away!
1. Go to your account or Virtual Campus
2. Click on "Browse Courses"
3. Choose either 120-Hour TEFL Certificate or 120-Hour TESOL Certificate

NOTE: this offer will allow you the first month of Membership free. In subsequent months you will be invoiced $9.99 per month unless you cancel your membership 2 days prior to the next renewal date.
Step 4
Complete the course and get the second code to order your Certificate of Achievement:

1 - Finish all test questions within a few hours (even though it states 120 hours, people skip through "Study" part and finish it within 1-2 hours). Aim for a minimum of 80% to successfully pass the course. Failure to meet this requirement will necessitate creating a new account and retaking the course.

2 - Reach out to us via [email protected] to get the second discount code to receive the 100% discount.

3 - Go to

4 - Add the product to the cart, go to checkout and add the second code. Once the code is applied, the total should go down to zero.