Christmas Referral Contest

Tutor Job is giving away over $3,500
this Christmas
Tutor Job is giving away over $3,500 this Christmas as Referral Bonuses via our Christmas Referral Contest. This is available exclusively to those, who are now a part of our Tutor Job family.
How does it work
All you need to do to earn referral bonuses is to share your unique link promoting the same tutoring opportunity that you have successfully secured with people around you - your friends, family, classmates and others.
To participate, join the WhatsApp group and you will be provided a unique referral link to start referring tutors
1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
$30/tutor referral to those who do not win one of these
3 main prizes.
Eligible tutor referrals
Eligible tutor referrals are native speakers from the following countries:
German tutors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Dutch tutors from Netherlands; Norwegian tutors from Norway; Danish tutors from Denmark; Finnish tutors from Finland and Korean tutors from South Korea.
Certified English tutors from USA, UK and France
English tutors from USA and UK as well as French tutors from France can also be counted as eligible tutor referrals if and only if they submit a teaching certificate while filling in their tutoring application.
Contest Timeline
It can take up to 3 business days for tutors to be approved once an application is submitted. All eligible tutors who are approved on or before December 31st are counted as successful referrals.
Join the WhatsApp group
to participate in the contest and receive your unique referral link to start referring tutors:

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