How to get started as an Online English Tutor
How does it work?
Apply with Tutor Job
- Complete your Cambly application using this Video Guide prepared for you by Tutor Job.

- Practice conversation with adults on Cambly 18+ for at least 50 hours (US$10.20 per hour fixed pay + peak hours that pay as high as US$15 per hour)
Video Guide
Start earning 10-15 USD/hour
- Apply to tutor on Cambly Kids. (All your ratings and reviews collected while tutoring on Cambly 18+ will be shown on your Cambly Kids account as well)

- Teach on Cambly Kids for at least 50 hours after first teaching on Cambly 18+ for 50 hours. It pays US$12 per hour fixed + peak hours that pay as high as US$17 per hour.
Advance to 20-30 USD/hour
- Submit proof of teaching at least 50 hours on both Cambly 18+ as well as Cambly Kids with positive reviews

- Become eligible to get a sponsored TEFL certificate (if you don't already have one) via Tutor Job that opens up many opportunities that pay US$20-30 per hour with other online tutoring platforms.
US$100 Welcome Bonus!
Just follow Tutor Job's video guide and tutor at least 10 hours within the first 10 days of being approved to receive Cambly's US$100 welcome bonus on top of your regular earnings!