Tips and tricks to succeed as a Cambly tutor
Tutor Job has prepared a list of tips & tricks below to help you succeed on Cambly
Tips and tricks to succeed as a Cambly tutor:
  • WhatsApp Tutor Support Group
    Join this WhatsApp group Tutor Job has created for you to connect with other new tutors and help each-other succeed on Cambly.
  • Meet an experienced tutor
    New tutors receive 15 Cambly student minutes to be able to call other Cambly tutors and ask questions about tutoring, using the platform, and more. We suggest to definitely make use of these student minutes to connect with new tutors.
  • Getting first bookings and regular students
    The highest demand on Cambly is usually between 9am and 3pm London time (3am-9am New York time). We recommend you logging into Cambly and making yourself available as much as possible over the next couple of weeks during these hours to meet and have your first classes with new students. Weekends are even busier than weekdays, so definitely try and make yourself available to meet new students on Cambly early mornings on weekends US time/afternoon UK time/evening Australia time. Once you had the first class with your students, you can decide mutually convenient times to meet with them on Cambly on a regular basis. Make sure to follow up with students after the first lesson including what you covered during the first lesson, what you can do in the next lessons and suggest some available times on your schedule for them to book their next lessons with you. This is how you will quickly acquire regular students, which is the key to succeeding on Cambly. Also, try and be available as often as possible on your schedule so that students have enough opportunities to book lessons with you at mutually convenient times.
  • Maximizing your Cambly Earnings
    When Cambly is undersupplied with tutors (which usually happens on weekends) they offer a 10-40% increase on top of the regular earnings. This is usually announced 2-3 days in advance via email and in-app notifications. Please make sure to keep an eye out and tutor during these bonus hours to earn more for every minute you teach compared to just tutoring in the regular hours. For example: if there is a 40% bonus, Cambly earnings increase from $10.20 to $14.28 per hour and Cambly Kids earrings increase from $12 to $16.8 per hour. Don't miss out on any bonus earning opportunity!
  • Ratings
    When you tutor adults on Cambly, they rate the quality of your lesson together. If you feel like your lesson is going well, make sure to request your students to rate you highly and leave a positive review as this will directly impact other students booking lessons with you and your overall Cambly earnings. When you eventually start tutoring on Cambly Kids, your ratings from teaching adults will also be visible on your Cambly Kids tutor profile. You will also earn badges on receiving good ratings and reviews, which will further lead to even more students and earnings.