Application Process
1. Attend our free job webinar/Zoom session
We will invite you and other aspiring online tutors to attend our comprehensive job application webinar, where we not only explain the details of the job, but also do the job application altogether in a way where webinar attendees maximise their chances of getting quickly approved.
2. Submit your job application using our application guide video
Based on information learned during the webinar and other helpful resources such as our application guide video and guidance from our tutor mentors in our community WhatsApp group, you will complete and submit your application shortly after the webinar. We will provide you with a free teaching certificate if the job you are applying to requires one.
3. Join our WhatsApp & Discord community
Connect with and receive advice from other tutors as well as our experienced tutor mentors via WhatsApp and Discord.
Start Tutoring Online
4. Join our community of approved tutors and get access to the Guide
Once you are approved (within 3 business days of submitting your application), you will be added to our WhatsApp group for Approved Tutors to receive support and help from our Tutor Mentors as well as your peers. Moreover, you will get access to our Guide that we prepared for Approved Tutors to help you set up your account and get your first students within the first week of being approved.
5. Participate in our Zoom sessions
We host regular Zoom sessions every week where our experienced tutor mentors will answer all your questions about getting started with this job and securing regular high-paying students.
6. Succeed as an online tutor with many long-term regular students & increasing earnings
Very soon, you will have a fulfilling 100% remote and flexible job that can be done from anywhere at your own schedule. In the process, you will be making a positive impact on the lives of your students, who will be from all parts of the world.