Essential 7-Step Guide for Finnish Tutors
This is the Essential 7-Step Guide (which takes around 30-45 minutes to complete) that you must follow for the Online Finnish Teacher position.

Please take special note of coming back here to this application guide, after submitting your application, to complete the mandatory Step 7 since we are currently prioritizing high quality applications that follow this guide.
7-Step Application Guide
Click this link to start your teaching application
Fill in your details in the 'About' section. This is the only section in the application where you will put your full name.

Subject taught: Finnish

As there's currently a high demand for Finnish tutors on the platform you can start with an hourly rate of 20€. As you start acquiring some more positive reviews, you slowly increase your hourly rate to 30€ per hour (or even more if students love your classes!)
Upload a profile photo. Click here to read the detailed PHOTO guidelines.

Common mistakes to avoid: bad quality photo; not professional, covering your face with sunglasses or caps, selfie.

Write a profile description (minimum 100 words). Click here to read the detailed DESCRIPTION guidelines.

Example headlines:
-Build your future: I will make you fluent in Finnish with personalized lessons
-Native Finnish speaker from Helsinki University
-High-Level Business Finnish

Moreover, you can view some examples of successful applicants for the language you intend to teach by looking at the video and application examples here.

Here is a Successful Template Framework you can use to write your own profile description.

*Greet the reader (potential students)*
*Introduce yourself in 1 sentences*
*Write 1 sentence about why you want to tutor Finnish online*
*If you have any experience teaching, write 1 sentence about that here*
*Mention if you can teach kids as well as adults, or only adults*
*Mention what the main focus of your lessons could be (improving grammar, business conversation, day-to-day communication, correcting pronunciation, discussing different topics in Finnish etc.)*
*Mention why students should choose you to be their tutor here*
*Add a “Call-To-Action" inviting students to book a lesson with you, or to message with any questions*

Common mistakes to avoid:: grammar, punctuation, using languages other than Finnish.

Record a video (at least 30s, no more than 2min). Click here to read the detailed VIDEO guidelines.

Strictly follow the guidelines above. You can view some example videos here.

In the same video you should speak English and Finnish.

For this video, you can follow the same template as in the one you write in the Description (Step 4) but do not read off the screen.

Common mistakes: bad resolution/lightning, audio is difficult to hear or there's too much noise in the background.
Choose your time zone appropriately.

We recommend setting as much availability as possible so from 10am - 8pm so your account gets approved sooner.
It is mandatory for you to take 10 seconds and fill out this confirmation form after you have submitted your application since we are currently prioritizing high quality applications that follow this guide.
And that's it! Thank you very much. Your application will get reviewed in 3-7 days. In the meantime just keep an eye on your email as Preply might ask you to modify your application in order to get approved.

For any further questions please email us at
[email protected]
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