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We believe in transparency
Tutor Job’s Business Model
We believe in transparency - that's why we want to tell you why we are able to provide our services to you for free and (only in the case of English tutors from US, UK and Canada) why we are also able to pay for
your teaching certificate!
The truth is that we make money and are successful when you become successful as an online tutor. We are paid by the best online tutoring platforms around the world to supply them with new tutors - that is how we make money, and for this reason we do not need to charge you for any of our services!
Currently, the platform that we are providing tutors for most languages to is Preply as from all of our platform partners, we feel that Preply is the one that is currently offering the best experience for new tutors across several languages, as you can see via their reviews
here and here.
Moreover, we have a deal with Preply such that each tutor we refer must be approved by them provided they are native speakers from 1 of the countries listed on our website’s homepage and have done their application while following our application guide very carefully!
Our benefits
24/7 support
Respectable salaries
100% acceptance rate
100% remote job opportunities